Fix Instagram “Couldn’t refresh feed” (Full guide)

Fix Instagram “Couldn’t refresh feed”
Fix Instagram “Couldn’t refresh feed”
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Why Instagram couldn’t refresh feed?

There may be a few reasons once the Instagram page isn’t stacking and invigorating; the primary explanation was perhaps given the helpless web association on your cell information or Wi-Fi.

Fix Instagram “couldn’t refresh feed”

I can envision how irritating would it be the point at which you attempt to check new posts and stories, yet all you see is “Couldn’t invigorate feed”

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  1. Find “Instagram” among the apps
  2. Tap on “Storage”
  3. Now, tap on “Clear cache”
  1. Go to “General”
  2. Go to “iPhone Storage”
  3. Wait for all storage data to load
  4. Scroll down to find “Instagram”, (next to the app you will see the total storage size taken up by the app)
  5. Tap on “Instagram”
  6. Tap on “Delete App”
  7. Tao on “Delete App”
  8. Now open the App Store on your iPhone device
  9. Download the Instagram app again and log into your account

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